$NVAX Want to know what the hold up is and why no pr? It's geopolitical. Biden introduced defence act. No countries now even if they want to approve can get the vaccines as supplies are cut short from the good ole USA. They wanted to give time for enought ppl to get phfzer and moderna before authorizing nvax and lifting defense act at same time and then donating supplies. This looks terrible from a diplomacy perspective so their going to spin it as "vaccine diplomacy/QUAD" and try to save face that they just screwed over other ally nations including Nvaxs global early pandemic strategy. Now we are hostage to politics and when they decide grand authorization/simultaneously lift defence act to and pretend the USA is saving the world. I'm not political or pick sides but that's one crappy legacy to leave behind as a Prez. Anyway we are nearing Joe Biden's im going to save the world with releasing Nvax and supplies moment. All pre planned in a way which hurt the world and now Joe is a hero