$PLTR Here is your Tuesday Morning Bear Update: Bears taking credit for a market correction? LOL @TradingDelta - Took pride in calling the price movements all week claiming we were going to continue dropping. Gets mad if you chirp at him so please chirp at him. @Sherry___ - has blocked me. Not sure what her activity is recently. Regardless, she is a permabear. @crashinator - Still thinks that this is going to $17 . Continues claiming this stock will tank. @INCRDHULKtrder - Hulk got really upset yesterday when he saw that ARK bought 5M shares. He claimed ARK was averaging down so she could dump? @Hartoled - This guy tried bringing us down all week. He's long on AMC and thinks PLTR is overvalued. @Hackfunnigans - absolute POS. He was talking mad shit yesterday about how his "puts" were printing yet wouldn't show us receipts. @qweromg - This guy also claims to have shorted 5,000 shares. Starting to lose big on his position. Photoshopped his proof of position.