$SHCR At $10 a share this company took advantage of crazy valuations SPACS are willing to pay for decent companies. Insiders sold a bunch of stock on the merger at a price North of $3.8 Billion ($10 a share). The shorts and other investors used the public liquidity to sell the stock down to $6.45 or close to a $2.7 Billion valuation less cash on balance sheet of $400. $2.3 Billion for $31 Million in 2021 EBITDA Still crazy expensive. The good news is that the company should grow EBITDA quickly to $100 and the stock can grow into its valuation. Probably a good place to start accumulating some stock if you have a long term perspective.
@johns45 show me were insiders sold though.... have you even read any of the filings or just making assumptions? Insider shares are locked up for 6months or 12.50 for like 20days I assume what you are calling insider sells were fcac shares being converted over to sharecare shares, might want to double check that Majority of the float is owned by insiders and tutes, since despac it has avg. Atleast 50%+ short volume This is more of pipe investors hedging their bet.
@penuschrist Some Sharecare shareholders received $10 a share on the closing of the merger as they decided to sell shares on the closing. Read the prospectus outlining the transaction. They have been in the deal for a while so cant blame them..plus the great valuation.