$SHCR At $10 a share this company took advantage of crazy valuations SPACS are willing to pay for decent companies. Insiders sold a bunch of stock on the merger at a price North of $3.8 Billion ($10 a share). The shorts and other investors used the public liquidity to sell the stock down to $6.45 or close to a $2.7 Billion valuation less cash on balance sheet of $400. $2.3 Billion for $31 Million in 2021 EBITDA Still crazy expensive. The good news is that the company should grow EBITDA quickly to $100 and the stock can grow into its valuation. Probably a good place to start accumulating some stock if you have a long term perspective.
@JeffArnoldsGlasses The stock price is speaking volumes right now. Analyst coverage will not change the valuation. Im sure there will be some undisciplined analysts that will give it a high price but right now the market is awash in overpriced small and midcap stocks. In three years they will do $100 million in EBITDA......give it whatever multiple you want. Im buying stock down here but expecting lower prices.