$SHCR At $10 a share this company took advantage of crazy valuations SPACS are willing to pay for decent companies. Insiders sold a bunch of stock on the merger at a price North of $3.8 Billion ($10 a share). The shorts and other investors used the public liquidity to sell the stock down to $6.45 or close to a $2.7 Billion valuation less cash on balance sheet of $400. $2.3 Billion for $31 Million in 2021 EBITDA Still crazy expensive. The good news is that the company should grow EBITDA quickly to $100 and the stock can grow into its valuation. Probably a good place to start accumulating some stock if you have a long term perspective.
@johns45 they converted fcac shares to sharecare Example from one of the filings, 20,000class b fcac shares disposed of (indicated by the D in the box) and converted to 20,000 class A shares of sharecare(acquired indicated by the A in the box) Easy mistake just gotta pay close attention to filings, the only shares that actually went anywhere were a few million donated to charity
@penuschrist Shareholders of Sharecare SOLD Stock as part of the merger with the SPAC its detailed in the prospectus..read it. $275 million worth at $10...do your homework. The goodnews is that it was only 7% of mkt cap.