$NVDA Every time is the same. A run (e.g. SQ's run to 100; bitcoin to 20k), some company/analyst immediately hypes it, saying, it is just the start (e.g. SQ PT up to 120, it should be part of FANG... 2) some WS trader offering a 1 million dollar bet that it will run up to 50k in 1 year)... In a couple of weeks - fall ( 1) SQ to 70; 2) bitcoin to 5k). Obviously institutional guys quietly unload in the meantime. Where are those analysts? Who cares... Now the question: how does the above scenario sound with NVDA - which has $1 quarterly earnings to get such valuation? People who are massively laid off will buy new PCs for playing games or mining bitcoins? Prepare for the drop - it is coming.