$WISH another chart that has been in my long porfolio that's been getting banged around with yet NO bad news other than analyst PT's downgrading, which doesn't spook me. Remember, risk vs. reward. I can't stress it more. I can only speak for myself here but keep in mind. If you are in higher averages like me, it should take a bit for it to reverse and see those greens again. Is your money worth waiting or could you put your money elsewhere and find a better return? Ask yourself this. I cannot answer for anyone but these are just my ideas. I'm still long but if there is any "bad" news that the COMPANY itself puts out, I will re-evaluate. Trading is not a casino, nor is it confirmed money. Pls be safe and careful out there!
@tradexlnc will never understand who the fuck sells down here? I don’t get it. I have 75k shares and I’m basically all in for this postion for the next couple years. I think I will make a fortune at this price point. Just no way to understand the manipulation that has happened here…
@TripleDBreezy at this point, it's margin calls and short attacks, with a major bearish breakout. Hedge funds and whales know the big money that entered early, they're bringing max pain to cause additional panic. Also, a great deal of the indices stocks hitting 52 week lows, while major breakout companies are holding the major weight of the indices making ATH's. Money is continuing to flow into these home runs positions. It'll cycle soon enough. We'll get our chance to shine eventually. Look at Dollar Tree, nothing but "Chinese junk". 10,000% gains. Don't listen to the did, but recovery here could take a bit of time, it could also be fierce and come in a day.