$GME word to the wise, lock in gains and don’t be a bag holder, shorts got burned, next to be burned is longs, no friend on this game, but money wants my money and your money.
@jones_ you called higher because you were in a position and were trying to get people to buy, not because you knew anything as that would require inside information or knowledge of the future which you didn’t have. Clearly we are not both objective players in this game. I’m just calling it like I see it, longs and shorts need to jump ship, they’re about to fry as many people as they can.
@GetMoney1987 you are retarded if you think my post with 1 like was trying to bait people to but, as if on the rare occasion that happened, they buy 200-1000 shares and MoVe ThE mArKeT, this was the best looking technical swing trade I've ever come across at $4. Anyways, have a nice day!