$PTN I can't say enough erectile dysfunction drugs, pale in comparison to bremelotide in driving sexual arousal. Vylessi will be a verb!!! My wife and i have used it. Eventually Vylessi pen will be as common in women's pocket books as tampons. I have been PYPL and ROKU and was early and struggled through long periods of durations of lower lows but eventually was rewarded handsomely!!! PTN I believe will be 500% reward. Price targets of $15 a share are not far-fetched. Be patient don't think you can jump in and out - you will miss the run. I did it with Harman three different points and sold position just before buy-out by Sony. With that camparison made, I do not think Spana will ever sell. This company is at fore front melcortin tech and melcortin pharma will revolutionize pharma! Again vylessi will be a verb just like Google.
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