$XELA my philosophical take on XELA re: PR (man's POV, sorry ladies. But feel free to switch genders, works the same): If your best friend since kindergarten slept with your girlfriend a year or so ago, you'd be pissed. Probably never want to talk to him again. But later, you find out she's been sleeping around town, so you realize your friend did you favor. But you have trust issues. Meanwhile, your friend feels horrible. He's doing things for you that are really nice, trying to get back into your good graces. But trust... You're having trouble getting past it. Do you let him back in? Can't decide. Until one day you're getting a slurpee at 7-11 when it gets robbed. Your friend happens to be walking by and sees a gun pointed at you. He rushes in and as the gun fires, leaps in front of you and takes the bullet. Trust restored. XELA's like your best friend. We're just waiting for them to restore trust with a killer ER, and then good PR will mean something and rock this stock.
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