$MMAT Shameless went from $12 to $3PLUS within 2weeks Investors were not allowed to trade on 3days after merger & passed the blame on the agent for there own selfish gain, on that 3days, share price already lost 30% and then repeated for MMATF holders, most of there shares just released recently when share price already was in $5 range. The investors were blindsided while the asault on share price was carried out without mercy As an honest investor, i am really taken by the worst form of merger done to create maximum lose to investors LETS SEE NOW IN DANGER ZONE HANGING AROUND $3 DOLLAR, how they will bring back this dead stock No need to be scared to speak the truth.......we had been scammed...Period How about the unjust reverse split of our shares to cause maximum damage to investors CANADA & USA, u lost respect because of this Fraud Company cheating the World WHY NO LAWSUIT FOR SUCH FRAUD?