$BLSP In conjunction with DD from all members.. these apprehensive posts without full credibility and understanding needs to be addressed and called upon so that the stock isn't used as pump and dump for morons to get in low and dump when all time high is reached. 1 . went from "company doesn't exist" when p/s was on trip to "company financials aren't there" and "company is getting sued" on penny land a). presenting the "sued" info. without directing full attention to the whole story and developments is called fallacy. Just like the photoshopped image of false news from @timglowbear (now nowhere to be found) 2. Yes, the news on Feb 19 financials needed to be shared but it is an anticipation, not end all be all. 3. more but Quit your bullshit and stop your idiotic chameleon posts. Know a thing or two about *COMPETITION-SENSITIVE* matter @TimGlowBear @Smokejumper24 @joeybagodonuts @BullGodXx @TonyTheJade @rollingnuts @jjjinx310 @Muchohuevos @WarrenB12 @Acampos2000