$BBIG OK mother fucker. I will say what I want. If this stock closes over $7 tomorrow and $BBIG publishes the investor deck noting the deck they published yesterday was the pitch deck, those who hold will be wealthy mother fuckers come next week while you are using left over toilet paper to wipe your ass!
$BBIG WTF. Bulls keep saying don't worry its going to the moon, hold ,do your DD...bears mean while are tanking this shit making money every other day. Me im holding till that one day it jumps make maybe 20 30 % from where I bought in at. While bears and day traders or paper hands, as they are called, make 5-10% maybe more every other day... after 1 year of doing this shit I say fuck. All yall. I'm here to make money!!! Block me delete me say what ever you want. This site is a forum to say what you want. You don't have to listen or read any comment if you don't want.
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