$BBIG We have to declare war and buy up the rest of the float plus all of the synthetics and naked shares, turn off stop loss, opt out of share lending, get rid of bullshit brokers for legit brokers, etc. Make it as difficult as possible for these corrupt abusive sick mentally ill greedy pigs to operate. Push the stock price sky fucking high by Friday so MMs get fucked on the options chain. If they are going to attack everyday hard working retail who invest to get a teeny tiny piece of the pie through abusive use of dark pools and off exchange trading the MMs and hedge funds deserve to lose their ass and the piece of shit Gensler who has absolute authority to do something for the people Democrats claim to represent can eat shit and die. This is a war that goes beyond just $BBIG . This is about a retail army rising up and taking back what these abusive sick mentally ill greedy fucks have stolen from working class America for decades.