$BLSP . Everyone is wondering what will happen each day anticipating or hoping the next day will show some light! And as of today, we are step by step... or ladder by ladder getting into the red. As for the 25th deadline is just around the corner, we think or hope that this down trend will somehow turn around for the upside. The market works in funny ways. If the CEO really wanted to get out of the dark.. then he would have. It's not so easy.. I can speak for myself since I have also experienced similar experience to get relisted. So patience is the virtue... It takes time and it also takes a hell of a lot work to just get back out of the dark... Give some support to BLSP mgt. I am sure they are monitoring their position and also their efforts to make some good in the future. BLSP is a damn good company to hodl long. Remember, we are in difficult times.. and not just the Pandemic shit! Just my two cents!. Think Positive and Be Happy!