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      Daniel Carlson
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      If you want to follow my trades (Buys and Sells) click the link below.
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      Senior Analyst Team
      We're a group of experienced analysts who pride ourselves in exploiting unusual activity in the equities market.
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      I trade stock. Anything stated are pure opinions of how I will manage my money risk and reward. Please do your own DD as you accept your own risk when you trade. join me
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      Dana Lyons Official Account
      Editor of The Lyons Share l Partner at JLFMI, RIA l Founder of I Original YahooFinance Contributor: l Husband, Father of 3 (3,4,5) Wharton/Penn FB l Posts≠recommendation to buy or sell anything
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      Technical short term trader. Enjoy charting and sharing. Posting here helps me organize. Survival is the goal: Manage risk. Stay patient and disciplined for the right setup.
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      Sandy Lawson
      Hello lovely investors! I hope to make a lot of money with all of you guys :) Know when to lock in your profits! Do not be greedy! Good luck to all! 💕 For those asking what chat I am in, I linked it below - Happy Trading!
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      marketchameleon Official Account
      Looking to provide the investing world the same tools used on wall street at a cost that will make you smile FREE
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      Greg Harmon Official Account
      Founder and President Dragonfly Capital. Managed Accounts, Premium Service and free blog at, Professional Stock and Option trader, Author, Get my book here, Adjunct Prof at Case Weatherhead School of Management
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      All recommendations are made on a 4 month/Daily chart analysis. Always set stops. Always take profits. These are Swing Trade recommendations NOT Day Trading recommendations.
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      Started with 2k in account in 2006, made more than 900k from 2010-2016. Beat s&p handsomely every year since 2009. Joined stocktwits to help people and have fun! Follow me for trade ideas! Do your DD, none of these are trade recommendations.
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      Charles Rotblut Official Account
      Vice President for the American Association of Individual Investors and AAII Journal Editor. Speaker, WSJ Expert Panelist, regular guest on Your MoneyLife (@MoneyLifeShow), author of Better Good than Lucky, and KU alum.
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      I am addicted to forecasting markets and finding unique insights, and am more than happy to share them with my followers.
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      bryan levin
      "Ya girl CALL me but she ain't no Option, She going down on me, like a PUT on a stock man, So if you wanna ball or learn bout the market, I give advice like assists, call me John STOCKton, All posts are opinions - GLTA
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      Joel & Ryne
      Trade alongside of us free for 30 days and unlock your true potential! ||......Founders of - The Investment Community......|| Find Us Below ⤵️
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      The stock tool that automatically finds price targets, breakouts, stops, support and resistance charts and more!
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      Entrepreneur. Investor. Advisor. Aspiring Philanthropist. Financial Fitness and Investment Coach. Follow me on:
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      Warrior Trading Official Account
      In the Warrior Trading chat room we review the market and trade the biggest movers every day! Join here: Disclaimer:
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      Salman Aziz
      Founder of #thirtythirtyrule (low cap stocks that have the potential to achieve 30% gains in 30 days or less.) and #bigcapstocks (undervalued stocks trading at 10 dollars or above.)
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      90% of traders fail, WE are the others. The most affordable chatroom, alerts, live custom scanners, watchlists, morning newsletters, video lessons, etc... join us! Free week trial below!