$RIOT Picture is worth a 1000 words. Morning Star took price to.. where? Resistance of 21 day. Today, confirms Evening Star. 25.97 is line in sand. Disconnect with BTC is a red flag result of 5 months sideways price action. For this month If I still owned Riot, heavily into Short CALLS... perhaps use that credit to purchase a PUT to protect the portfolio.
@jumpman2469 Very well could be confirming the 8. Major Red Flag is the disconnect with BTC. And, this is October, things are happening. I found through research a NY Court upheld the 6th article of the Constitution.. LOL.. Court systems are in place to protect the wicked using the Fraudulent, Usury, fraction lending Banking System. Maybe, this is a hint for Crypto's validity? Hmm... Free Enterprise.!?!?
@jdcalls1 definitely weird stuff going on macro level. Did you see the banter back and forth I had with guy with handle greatlakes2222; basically I confirmed that Northern AG, who RIOT bought whitestone from, was given 11.8M shares in May, 3 month lock up ended Aug 28. Looking at SEC filings and insider selling data I pulled from Fidelity, they sold off 10M of those between 9/1 and 9/26. Those 10M added to the 80M float, so market had to absorb those, definitely a lot of pressure. I am convinced that explains the divergence from BTC.
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