$TZA $FAZ so here is the situation - some big dudes are spending hand over fist, because there is money to be spent and because there is rebalancing to be done. Not because the market is fundamentally sound, firms are strong or economy's growing. The money is spent, because FED keeps pumping. Stocks are bought because some big dude has 800B to spend. Don't you see how stupid this is? These longs are buying, because some other dudes are buying. But go and look at corona situation and see what happened since yesterday - we now have 80,000 confirmed infections, 1124 deaths a jump of almost 20% since yesterday and those people who are still employed are panicking. There is going to be a TOTAL CLOSURE of the whole economy by the end of 2nd week of April. These big dudes, who think they are indestructible with their 800B will learn a lesson.
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