$AABB you know in a real company people usually post a collection of evidence to back a run and solidify the companies moves but all we see here is “trust me bro this is big it’ll run” so take that as you will..
@jwright2020 the DD of myself as well as a good handful of people on reddit is that there is nothing to DD. Just a website, an address in a food court, a number that doesn’t work, no financial records of their possession of such large financial backing(which companies that are publicly traded of this value always has) and the only source of detail is from their website, some sketchy site talking about Mexican mines, and people on here who eat it up and spread more bullshit like “I know a guy” or “i got an email” which is all only first person evidence and can’t even be verified as true
@DeathBySnuSnu420 and it was listening to that type of talk that made me exit prematurely instead of making the millions I would have. All good....there will always be opportunities. An important part of ANY OTC (or stock in general) is the hype/attraction. I could be up thousands % but instead still way up here. The worst thing I could do now is break even. What effort have you PERSONALLY exerted to determine longterm legitimacy besides reading comments on reddit (your words)?
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