$HOTH I’m out with a $7,000 loss! I’m not saying this is a bad stock as I’m not too sure Where it will go from here but I’m not an investor therefore it’s time to move on! I’ll be back on track in a couple weeks (God willing) good luck to all ❤️❤️❤️
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@kLady2020 ouch. They r gonna do the same thing as they did back in March after an offering hit a low of 2.60 a week later dropped news ran to 7+. It hit a triple bottom yesterday at 2.60 either next week or the week after they will drop news again. This will be back up to 5$ at least.
@EB21 i heard others say that but after researching I see the $7 price was on March 23 then at closing they sent out the offering letter similar to what they sent yesterday then on the 24th released the offering price I don’t see anywhere that it ran to $7 after that. My dd could be wrong but I’m not seeing that info. Trust me I lost sleep last night researching and that last why I made the decision I did today. Please update me if I am incorrect because I don’t like putting false info out