@DaylightMoving it’s so rare and ‘new’ they don’t really know how/why it occurs. They theorize it could be both genetic, or something ‘triggers’ it. I have a lot of bloodwork tomorrow and I am excited to see if I’m improving with my diet being perfect and taking all the right drugs/supplements. But yes worse case scenario would be dialysis. That doesn’t quite work with my lifestyle and life goals, though, so I am going to try to be the first patient to beat this thing and it’s 5-7 year median survival rate. Unfortunately kidney transplant isnt really an option as in 16 of 19 people that they gave transplants to who have this disease the disease quickly attacked the new donor kidney and made it fail within the first year. 2020 has been weird. NERV needs to pay out lol I’ve spent an absurd amount of money on medical bills lately