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      Classified Trades
      Our new summer scanners are catching runners every day. Email to get added to our mailing list or a guest spot in our room.
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      10 years trading! Always 'aim for big'. Momentum trading. Follow me on ST for quicker news & sky rocket runs. Happy that made 300+ followers in a month since join. Thanks to all followers! Happy trading! 💃
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      Mister Marubozu
      We welcome you to our FREE chat room where our team provides channels for a daily watch list and trade ideas for day, swing, and long term. We are very successful and can help you improve your trading craft. You have nothing to lose.
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      Low Floats technically appealing followed by fundamental support are my favorites. Buy Dips/ Sell Strength. Disclaimer- I chase money, if no money is involved don't @ me. Group Effort is a MUST. Trade Call outs are educational not recommendations.
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      Hey friends, my postings are for information only and not for any investments or trading. Please do your own DD and take decisions. Good luck and I wish you make good money and learn when earn or lose. 👍
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      AllStarTradingTeam Adminstrator. In an effort to give back to the trading community, please join us every Sunday at 8e/7c PM for a FREE live technical analysis/charting Q&A! We will break down any ticker!
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      Terry Che
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      Born To Trade. Made To Work.
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      Dom Luminous
      Shoot for the stars, if you land on the Moon that isn't so bad either!
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      Jakub Kapusnak
      25 y.o. from Prague, Czech Republic. Buying high potential growth stocks. CAN SLIM + Darvas. K.I.S.S. dude. Deciding off weekly, timing on daily. Using volatility bands around EMA20.
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      Leave your emotions behind when that bell goes off..All my trades are based on heavy Technical/Fundamental Analysis Low Entry/Patience+HeavyDD Is key to success Stay Consistent GL!! DayTrader/Swing/LongTermInvestor/Commodities
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      I buy n low and sell 2 the chasers #SwingTrader #NewWeedOrder ✨🔮✨ Email for Swing Alerts
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      Business owner, professional trader. Millionaire @ 26. Greed is your worst enemy. share my knowledge Through my Ebook, msg me. The greatest traders are not the ones that know exactly when to buy but those who knows exactly when to sell- Hoan
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      Menlo School Of Business 1978 General Building Contractor Trading Stocks since 1978 Retired 1997 Skiing, Golfing Motorcycle 2014 HD Street Glide SpcL Married 24 years
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      Nick Raich Official Account
      Macroeconomic research and the premier provider of earnings trend analysis on the Street. Follow on Twitter @EarningsScout
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      Steve Patterson Official Account
      37 years Trading Experience. Floor Trader, Prop Trader, Institutional Consultant. Day trading for a living but Swing Trade for Retirement. Trading Coach for a free 20 min consultation skype me at ssptrader
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      John Plourde
      owner Advanced neurodiagnostics Designer of line of health supplements targeting metabolic/nutritional/toxic polyneuropathies, and smart Vitamins training Univ of Florida (Shands) Vanderbilt, Univ of Nebraska Omaha
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      Alexander Hamilton
      Macro/Value/GARP/Contrarian Investor&Trader. B.A. Economics / B.S. Engineering / M.B.A. Finance. Author of the US constitution. Creator of the US Financial System and the First US Central Bank. First US Secretary of the Treasury.
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      John Doe
      Former Eng - trading online for over 15 yrs - day/short term swings no patience for long term holds!! My money works overtime. I'm wrong 35% of the time. Scale out profits cut losses quick quick! If u haven't made over 75k in one trade shut up!