$AMC funny shit is since I was 21 years old I’ve gone to Vegas and blindly threw paychecks to have fun. My thing was parlays not a big table guy. If I think about about this new dynamic of people joining together and starting to really understand the markets from 20 years old to me at 30 and I’ve been talking with my mother at 60. Shit is fucking changing right fucking now. Be apart of this cause this is awesome! People talk about 08 and then fucking the American people. People talk about day trading in the late 90s which isn’t the same. Technology is here and it’s not the same playing field at all. Aka robinhood and multiple brokerages. January to now in one year this is fast tracking and that’s what we want. Bring the fucking house down! And if we don’t get it this time we will get closer on the next. That’s what fucking scares them. They know it. The internet and the people are here. 99% Apes. Love you fuckin poor idiots.