$SNOW this is for everyone saying ‘AWS can destroy Snowflake’. Here’s some food for thought. Short version is that AWS has been trying for the past 7 years and have failed miserably. Snowflake has been competing directly with Amzon Redshift(AWS data warehouse) from from the very first year it was released, 2013. They have been kicking Redshifts ass since then. All the growth they experienced, most recently over 100% yoy ARR, is despite the fact that AWS has been trying really hard to win customers with Redshift. Also similar take a look at companies they are doing well and growing (over 60% yoy) despite having direct competing products to AWS like $MDB vs DocumentDB, $ESTC vs Amazon Elasticsearch service, $FSLY vs Cloudfront and private companies like Confluent that compete with Kinesis and recently MSK
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