$AMRS I hate to agree with those below, but if you think insiders aren't part of this shorting you're delusional. Getting the warrants amended to, say, 2.25 instead of 2.87 is huge for them. And at this moment, every single person knows that they have to convert warrants by January 31. So unless they have news to flip this the other way quickly, we are going to be amending warrants, not getting enough cash to fund the year, and then getting shorted into the ground again. This is a huge reason why I'm pro-monetizing Biossance. The cost of warrant write-downs and interest on loans this year alone will likely be $70M+. To make up for that, Biossance would have to make $140M and that is assuming a 50% operating margin. They are probably 3-4 years from approaching that revenue number and I've seen no evidence they are even close to that margin. If you can get $300M for Biossance you take it and immediately Dave Ramsey/Bershire Hathaway this company into good financial shape.
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