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    KC Joined Sep 25, 2010


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      Follow me here for our new Stockhoot and Slack team updates. Coded algorithmic investing with directions and price targets. Join our winning team for trades with ranges and price target analysis, link below :-)
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      Arez - Fibonacci Trades
      Algorithmic Trading with Price Targets. Fibonacci Expert 10+ yrs exp w/ code based Technical Analysis. I'm having fun :-) are you with me? Subscribe for daily alerts on trades. On StockHoot as Arez "Fibonacci Trades" link below:
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      Paul Johnson Official Account
      Wed. eve. & Sun. afternoon newsletter + LIVE intraday stock alerts featuring leading stocks forming explosive breakout & reversal chart patterns. Author/Publisher/Swing Trader (See Terms & Conditions at URL below)
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      Momentum trader
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      R Barker
      I am specializing in the Pharma stocks. Always learning. Full time. I love stocks so much, I Actually hate the weekends.
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      Arthur Turkman
      MD by training. Doing oncology research within pharmaceutical industry. In pharma since 2004, conducted various positions such as Clinical Development & Medical Affairs, Marketing.
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      Chess Official Account
      Stock Market Chess Player. Poker Limit Hold Grinder. Cinéaste. Licensed Attorney. Si parla italiano. My Vice: Cigars.
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      The Asia Pacific Fund
      Launched in May 1987, The Asia Pacific Fund is a diversified, closed-end management investment company, listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol "APB." Its holdings consist of investments in equity securities of companies in the Asia Pa
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      Ilya Parkhotyuk
      I am a professional day trader. Currently i am mainly trading Crude Oil and Dax futures markets also E-mini and Russel 2000. Check out my YouTube videos of live trades...