$MNKD just listened to Medtronic presentation today surrounding diabetes and the message conveyed is they are expanding the company's focus beyond insulin pumps, to make available multiple insulin delivery options conveniently leveraging innovative technology. They talked about better managing dosing of insulin in conjunction with food intake and combining insulin delivery with CGM to improve time in range. Although their presentation today was mainly focused on their new CGM and Smart Pen Devices and it sounds like they are just the beginning of a new diabetes platform Medtronic will have surrounding innovative technology allowing diabetes patients multiple delivery options on how they take their insulin and sounds to me like Afrezza will be a perfect fit. Medtronic presenter said Medtronic new diabetes strategy will advance even further and become clearer by year-end. Dropping Afrezza into a bucket of multiple best in class insulin delivry devices makes a lot of sense for Medtronic.
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