$KIRK WHY2BUY KIRK now b4 Z BLOW OUT EARNINGS? KIRK benefited from HOME OFFICE SALES very strongly especially in 3QUATER that'll be reported in 3weeks&expected2be z strongest quarter in Kirklands history. Our e-commerce rocks like crazy,it doubled last 2Quarters&expected2go higher in this quarter. Free debt Huge cash in hand 100s of renovated highly equipped stores across z country. Unbeatable social media with millions of active followers in Instagram&Facebook. Great CEO with great history in retailers&fashion.he knows how2present his products very well. Poeple not travelling,they spend their holidays savings on improving their homes. people spent alot of money on home schooling. huge number of People left city centres&moved2cheaper places&bought new furniture. Woody LAUNCHED LOYALTY PROGRAM THAT'LL ATTRACT MILLIONS OF NEW CUSTOMERS. not to forget the gifts sales. So what in Z hell do u need more? Kirk is very hot& very cheap&undervalued Earnings in only 9 days.don't be l*ser!buy💉
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