$BDRBF Was only tradable on OTC, but the update is that warrants and restrictions just got lifted on most major brokerages(soon to be all). We all seen all these penny stocks under .50 2 months ago flying all at $1-2+ right now with $OCGN & $BNGO that went from .50 to $10+ within 2months .Robinhood which doesn't carry any OTC stocks will flock this when word gets out as its currently the cheapest on its platform As far as the fundamentals of this company for those skeptical. This company has never had a reverse split and theirs currently NONE in process. They are selling off all the other branches they have and just focusing on private jet maintenance. But as far as i know, all what's needed to go over $1 is just volume only Robinhooders will push this heavy within a month with no news and it'll become a top moving stock. By the blink of an eye Wallstreet Betters will be here. See what they did with $SNDL with no news I'm very bullish and early to the party. in with 80K shares