@holdingbags @Nostockdamus So I've been keeping up with old tickers to see if I was right about my exit or if I left early or read the charts/News expectations wrong and I have determined that having an extra monitor in my office to keep an eye on things is bad 🤣. After holding stock for awhile if it hasn't moved much or no news has been released my trigger finger gets twitchy and I tend to sell to move on to more "relevant" plays. Just to have what I left go boom within 2 trading weeks. Haha. I hope to get emotion out soon but it's hard for a new guy 😁. Just gonna say thanks for the information you guys leave here. It's all great! 👍 So far this year I have left these and missed the runs by less than 10 trading days to move to something that had hype but wasn't quite ready yet when I could have ridden the wave, exited then moved. LLEX, DARE, MNK, IBIO, TTNP, ONTX, OCGN It's a lot to get your head around but thanks again!
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