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    Val Joined Sep 29, 2013

    Beginner/Novice Trader, looking to learn. I have more time on my hands these days and I am wanting to learn all I can about what the market likes or does not like. I am hoping to take a more active roll in my financial investing.


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      Alejandro Jaime
      I trade stocks as swing trader. I use charts & momentum - new information that could brings changes in price direction - to buy or sell stocks in real time, using a disciplined approach of capital control risk
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      Every day stockpick service free! Look at the site! Premium email service.(Stockpicks) All our free and more ,live purchasing tips/idea directly via email Only $14,95 a month)
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      David Blair Official Account
      Keep trading simple with a clearly defined process based on price alone. Trade what is, not what you think should be. Opinions only.
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      (Sam) Samantha
      The #1 Advanced Warning Trading System In the World-MSP ALGO artificial INTEL track Real Time INSTITUTIONAL order flow using MSP Level III See Market Makers View analytics stream live. Advanced Warning Alerts
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      http://OptionData.Net End of Day Historical Option Data Going Back to 2003. Bid/Ask, Volume, and Open Interest included. Available for immediate download!
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      Steve Ryan
      Day Trader. Sometimes Swing Trader. Investor. Focus on liquid, momentum stocks. Writer. Avid poker player. Basketball and football enthusiast. Traveler. Entrepreneur. All opinions are not meant to be advice to buy/sell any stock
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      Steve Burns Official Account
      Option Trader, Trend Trader, Risk Manager, and author of the New Trader, Rich Trader book series. Helping new traders survive their first year in the market.
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      Kathryn C
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      Trader of stocks, options, futures. Finally consistent on a week by week basis. Favorite instruments YM, ES, ZS and stock options.
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      i like to buy my options near the close and sell right at the open so i dont get the premium vanish during chop
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      Derek Arthur
      Scalp Trader by heart but Swing trading pays the monthly bills !
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      Big Smoke Trader
      I'm a former prop trader and market maker for the tsx. I am now trading on my own. The trade ideas I post are very short-term in nature...and higher risk...they are not suitable for everyone. Pls do your own DD. Good luck!
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      Next Options
      Options trading can be perfected with professional assistance, especially when the concerned trader is new to stock and trading. Professional guidance on the same can be availed very easily in the present days through both online and offline sources.
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      OptionsPlay Official Account
      Our Goal: To show you how options can unlock investment opportunities for everyone. We guide investors of all experience levels through the risks and rewards of options trading using clear, concise language that anyone can understand.
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      Felix Frey
      Creator of Also, the Head Options Trader at Scoggin Capital Management.
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      James Peck
      Some pigs get slaughtered some pigs fly. Learn how to time volatility. Always allow room for the trade to work. Understand Risk/Reward is an after the fact metric. Most importantly exits are much more important then entries.
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      I try and ignore noise and follow price and volume. The chart always tells the story. "When the going gets weird, the weird go pro"
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      I use a primitive form of Elliott waves to daytrade forex and swing trade stocks. All my trades are posted in real time
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      Michael Samhan
      Trend follower & risk manager - focus on what matters. Primarily 1-15 day holding period
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      Joe Kunkle
      Active Options Trader - Founder