$AXSM I wonder what the patient % will be in TRD that failed 2 other antidepressants + BUP- (the lead in test). Meaning the patient would've failed 3 other well known antidepressants. Which in turn will show AXS-05 is better than not only BUP but X,Y- thus establishing the FDA first line mechanism call or input. AXSM- believe extended the trial to incorporate more patients that failed two other treatments, even though some qualify with one failure. Only rational because the trial has been extended numerous times, because IDMC recommended continuation but like what the last press release stated more interest in STRIDE. Still the final result will show for sure how superior AXS-05 to a lot other antidepressants. I hope the 2 failure percentage is significantly higher. But with one failure from a high percentage still shows a broad spectrum of patients that received another first line to compare. IF TRD study enrolled more 2 failures + BUP failure and this shows hello first line...…..
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