$KTOV Perspective... ONE WEEK ago, this was trading at .4750 If you chased at .95 to 1.30, I get it, you are disappointed. However, if you were here on 6/18, you'd be fine and if you are here on 6/30, it is quite probable you will be fine too. This will not likely go nuts today. The market is deeply red and we are waiting for the offering to be completed and the probable benefit of news in the next few days. Go for a run, bike ride, hike, whatever. No amount of fear, hand wringing, and bear B.S. will change anything. Neither will crazy EOD/EOW predictions, "to the moon/Lambo" calls or rocket ship emojis. If you are here because of solid DD, you know. If you are here because of the hype, that's cool too. Just back up what brought you here with solid DD because you will manage your position here much more effectively with knowledge (and patience). There are some excellent Twitter feeds that will educate the shit out of you. I'm a student too, learning as I go. GLTA!
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