$MKD 😄😉😳😏 what happened today wasn't caused by weak hands or retail 🙌 it was mms/hedgies. It was dark pool 🎱 money 😩 😫 😕 😎 MKD Dark Pool Trades Dark pool trades reported for MKD have accounted for 71% of the total volume today. Over the past 20 days, the average dark pool volume has been 64%. Total volume in the dark pool is 7.1 million. The VWAP price for only the dark pool trades is 0.35. TRF Trades for MKD are reported by dark pools to Trade Reporting Facilites and represent activity away from the mainstream or "lit" exchanges. MKD Sweep Order Large block trades in MKD, which often represent institutional trading, have accounted for 43% of all the volume on the day, for a total of 4.3 million. The 20-day average volume percentage has been 42%.