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    Md Monirul Islam Joined Aug 06, 2013


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      Pro momentum trader | Join the #1 Trading Chat Room! | Learn & Earn Together
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      Valley Day Trader
      Focusing primarily on momentum trading, futures, swing trading and options. Trading off the technicals in combination with potential catalysts. Join me and my team of professionals today! Live realtime analysis! Direct message me for details.
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      Stock Technicals
      Click my link to learn about Stocks! Charts! Technicals! Custom Entry/Exit signals! Let's make some money together people! Check out the link!
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      30 year software executive, scientist, consultant who was also a past securities broker/trader. Swing trader, scalper & longer term investor. Looks for stocks that exhibit repeatable behaviors, and value to limit risk with volatility for max gains.
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      Robert Clark
      Cash-flow investor. Small businesses & rental income real-estate. In paper assets strictly for the opportunity of a new emerging market & believing in the cause. Focused on meaningful investments with good risk/reward ratios
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      Archie M Custodio
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      Oliver Sloup
      Senior Account/Managed Futures Specialist at iiTRADER. Visit our website for our free in-house research. Also check out our CTA's and Systems
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      alan rich
      Grateful father and husband.. I have always had a strong passion for the stock market and look forward to the challenge of learning as much as I can the next 40 years or so.