$OCUL Listening to Wainwright conf. Tony talks a good game: very eloquent, informed, smart. But, I have to admit, there are a lot of loose ends, and shorts can have their way with the stock over the next 6 months. Catalysts: 1) Dex growth 2) TIK read-out (mid-year) 3) TIC (end-of-year) 4) "Active business development effort" *Sufficient capital for next 12 months ($70m, supplemented by dex revenue) *$25b market of global business *Very confident in TIC indication. Potential block-buster) We'll see. If he pulls it off, Ocular could be worth billions of dollars within the next few years. MKT CAP at $503. Check back in two years and it might possibly be $3b...or $300m.