$AYTU $AMZN $MSFT $AAPL $TSLA HERE IT IS!! GREAT NEWS FOR OUR COUNTRY - NO FAKE! The first test kits from AYTU have arrived in the USA! Maybe directly to Colorado? Delivery is on its way! The proof of this can be found a little further down. Zhejiang Orient Gene Biotech Co. Produces the covid-test-kits for AYTU. Healgen Scientific, Houston Texas, was acquired and is wholly 100% owned by Zhejiang OGB. There are rumors that they have received the shipments of the test kits and this would make perfect sense. Upon Aytu receiving approval from the FDA or from a state authority, Healgen will probably be its partner in manufacturing the next batch of kits locally. Aytu is Zhejiang OGB's exclusive distributor in North America and Mexico. Incidentally, it is no wonder that BMRA has already received FDA approval after submitting the application 1-2 days earlier than Aytu. importgenius.com/importers/... Let's look at a happy trading day, bulls!
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