@betagainstus they actually have a web page to dispute an article. They allow bullish and bearish views as long as the writer discloses their position. It says at the end of the article that he didn't have any position in ocugen but I wonder if his buddy Larry does. Anyways, I'll look into it some more later. It is interesting that he is a "active trader" and writes articles about trading and his thoughts on stocks but he isn't active on stocktwits and doesn't post any positions he is holding. Doesn't sound like the type of person that anyone should be taking advice from. The article is clearly non-factual and is just his opinion.. although bc it's on the website any normal person would believe it to be fact and that the editors did in fact review the article under their guidelines. @Seeking_Alpha_ - you guys need to make sure that in articles where a "author" is basing their opinion it clearly should state that it hasn't been fact checked and is only an opinion of the author.