$OCGN I question everything and everyone. It could be good news or bad news but if there isn't hard facts to back it up then it's bullshit. *I try really hard to never post bs on here and always have links to back up my position and the truth. Truth is that everyone can make a mistake and if I ever do or share or repost something not factual then call me out on it but you better have facts to back it up. šŸ’Æ Still bullish on Ocugen and Covaxin! I feel confident we will get WHO approval this week. Don't let others persuade you without solid proof and evidence. Don't believe everything you read and don't trade based on how someone's post makes you feel. Follow the money and follow the data. Follow facts not trends. Fact: Covaxin is the best vaccine for covid-19. Fact: Covaxin is the safest vaccine for covid-19. Fact: I'm not selling until $150 a share!! šŸš€