$XSPA Xprescheck appointment numbers have continued to be between 95-99% capacity. Even with a lower adjustment rate of since this is raw data, one could guess that walk ins are replacing any kind of adjustment allowing these numbers to be truthful enough. That means about 3800-4100 appointments a day for the last 7 days (we'll say 3900), though weekdays sometimes go into the 4-4.2k range), lets say an average of $212 (the customer was spending in Q3) that's around $826,800 each day for the last 7 days of Q1 (5,700,000+ total). We've been having these numbers for about a full month now. I expect my little math to be on the modest side for sure, as I expect the average cost of customer to be probably closer to $235 and walk ins overflowing cancellations in that ratio. But 5-6 mil a week, and probably every week for last the last 5-6 weeks? Bonkers.