$AMC *** two days from now*** JUNE 11 is our T21 (they have to pay banks on their failure to delivers) We will go up 15-30% that day (which is also a friday, so expect a wild one) Then we got ; June 25 russel 1000 decision June 28th russel 1000 takes effect July 1st T35 FTD due July 29 SHM (may be irrelevant, may have some news) Going to be an insane rest of the month guys. At this point we KNOW, and based on grade 4 math... that we truly own, over 100% of the float GLOBALLY float = 501m (global not just NA) 80% owned by retail stated by amc = 400.8m sh 120 shares pp x 4.1m ppl = 492m sh (global, not just NA) (approx 27m overseas) 492M owned / 501M float = 98.2% <<----- we own the entire float AMC employees own - 7% Institutes own - 8% total float 113.20%