$XSPA Questions regarding the “special shareholders meeting” this Thursday and the potential of a reverse split... The price took a big jump today due to PR, closer to closing over $1. However, it for sure won’t close over $1 for 10 days before meeting (on Thursday)so won’t have regained compliance before the vote. 1) The proxy sent to shareholders happened when the price was holding the $0.40-$0.50 range, with no apparent momentum to hit $1 anytime soon. 2) The proxy indicated the Board recommended to vote for a reverse split. 3) Most people who voted via proxy probably voted in favor of a reverse split based on Board recommendations to avoid delisting? 5) Based on today’s PR and price move, many would probably like to change their vote. But can they and will they? 4) If most proxy voters were in favor of the split, are there enough shareholders who will vote during the online meeting to change through outcome? Seems the vote for R/S could pass. Will new PR override that negative?