$ROKU alternate perspective. Price is stabilizing after a face-ripping 130+% rally. Trade the range until you see a break either way. Let price be your guide.
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@RunningMan99 @mmitche7 lol seriously? Roku is the dominant streaming TV operating system (OS) and powers the ‘smart’ part of the smart TV for more than a dozen TV original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). These TV makers take zero percent of platform revenue — meaning Roku gives the OEMs zero revenue share, for the privilege of having the Roku OS built into their TVs and the power of Roku marketing behind their products. These are Roku TVs. So....TCL partnership in question...is just a headline risk. * TCL * Sharp * Hisense * Philips * Sanyo * Element * JVC * onn / Walmart * RCA * Hitachi * Magnavox * Westinghouse