$DRRX logged on from my laptop yesterday where my settings are different and noticed a lunatic ranting about updates on the 1st patient dosed? Someone actually thinks companies are sharing updates on specific patients dosed in blinded trials? Seems like desperate basher or a sad pathetic loon screaming at the moon. I am so happy to be able to add every day here as it appears undervalued to me. It’s that simple. If it drops to 1.7 or 1.2,it allows me to add more. Unconcerned with price fluctuations. Picked up 5k at 1.89 today. Investing for the next 18 months with confidence the 100 million DRRX has on hand, plus a partnership deal in the works will be more than enough to bring AH approval, and soon after DUR928 becomes the standard of care and a billion dollar treatment. A little research goes a long way. A lot of angry nonsense, doesn’t get you anything but angrier.