$NAK @scanbiz2020 You cannot understand something if you do not read well and interpret the messages as you want. Name several companies included. I have not given my explanation for a situation personal, so I had to stop being a day trader and stay with my long positions, the large companies. Now with your answer, I will say what I think, since I have known the history of this company for 10 years, tomorrow before 7 am ET. If you have a problem, do not complain or react like that, I can't stand crybabies and those who complain. This business is like that, money is earned and lost. If I lose money, you will never find out, my losses go to a drawer, which is called the drawer of losses and I forget, I just think about continuing to win. If you celebrate when you win, you must accept when you lose as a good investor. Don't react like this with me again The main chart is goog , equal American BULLS
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