$AGRX look at the chart... proof that funds are saying no thanks this is a terrible investment, we'll certainly make money shorting it. for a year and a half people have been saying... "Loading up more, what a discount at this price"... "A buyout is coming!!!" "Xulane did 300M that means Twirla will"... from $4 downt to $1. think about how much time was wasted and how much mario pumped the company. A contraceptive company run by a dude who sounds terrible in any setting where hes publicly speaking, not a female on camera who is speaking about this... its all in the chart. this company was overhyped to begin with. Go over to BXRX.. the other board that Al serves on. They shat the bed too with their launch of ANJESO. Theyre about to reverse split!! Last time Al will be a CEO. Remember a couple earnings ago when Al was shitting himself using terms like "knock on wood" being hopeful about the product launch? Call me a hater i just think its so funny if youre still long this company