$HEPA This is the closest this account has come to articulating why you should vote yes. An incoherent, spite-filled narrative that says we should vote yes because they have "almost nothing of value to show the world?" We should reward the BOD for this? Lol. It honestly seems like you just want a yes vote because some accounts here personally hurt your feelings! Get a life man. I voted NO across the board today. Why is that we always have these accounts thar pop up and spam the board with insinuations and provocations but no facts or arguments? SuperSuper, CreampieMafia, et al.
$HEPA At this point Hepa is an early stage biotech with almost nothing of value to show the world. Do not be surprised by the low valuation the market has attributed to this company. For those of you who were lied to by Tacto, Stupidia, Hoonashit, Gayboy, 007, the idiot who writes for Seeking Alpha, and all the rest, I am truly sorry that you were duped. I tried to warn you but was blocked long ago. Long term there is potential here but as of today this is dead money. Best of luck to all.
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