$AMRN what's the outcome goal for AMRN? What's the strategy to get there? I ask for these reasons: will AMRN have competition for Vascepa? Who will bring that competition? (I can't get there that it would be ACST or MTNB) I would guess BP who have DEEP pockets and have time on their side. Time is working against AMRN, imo...with generics and BP trying to attack. I don't know, deep down, what JT's strategy is and what he's trying to accomplish. If he truly wants Vascepa to change the world (A very noble idea) then he has to ask himself what is the best way to do that...GIA or selling out to BP like PFE or GILD. I just can't get there that GIA gets Vascepa to the masses as opposed to a PFE who have an installed base of doctors who will quickly gravitate to the product given PFE's long term track record in the area of statins and cardiovascular health. I've yet to see JT articulate a vision for the company besides saying "we're better" that's not a strategy to me
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