This is comical. Literally the first trade I have with the new account gets potentially blown hahah. Well, I have my 7/2 put spread, 310 straddle and those short spxl shares I picked up to mitigate atleast. That 313.22 area is so key and the fact that we are still trending down in absencd of news tells me algos are switching to being bearish (I had suspected this yesterday) Today should still finish above 310, but I saw a lot of bad signs in option positioning from yesterday's close and just more and more late June and July put directional trades being entered. Plus the heavy selling at 4am is also a bad sign that institutions are taking more off the table as they have been for the past 4 weeks now. If retail joins in then it could be set on fire today. 7am and 8am will be key time stamps to watch the price action.
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