$IBIO I reviewed the 8-K earlier tonight. I haven't reviewed the 10-K. I haven't reviewed any comments on the board or in my notifications. But I have something to say... We learned in the 8-K that iBio triggered the takedown of the UBS shelf after June 30. This is related to the $27M shifted from the LPC shelf. Why? The company didn't need money right now. Regardless of whether we're expecting gov't funding or not, the company didn't need money. The filing was made on July 29, so it's possible that the takedown was done at around $4-$4.50. Then again, the sp could have been as low as $2. We know it wasn't higher. Why? The CEO's job is to look out for shareholders. Triggering a shelf when it is not needed, at potentially a lower sp than could have been achieved is not in our interest. Or did Issett think he was getting the best deal he could? Meaning, he doesn't think the sp will rise to that level in the near future? I don't like it. Something doesn't sit right.
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